Privacy & Security

According to 53% of the worlds population uses social media. But how many people know how safe theses social media platforms are? According to these three articles, we are not as safe as we think we are.

All these big websites and social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. These places gather our information for their personal use. Sites like these often ask for your contacts, country, zip code and for cookies. They use these things to create what you call an inner circle around your life. For example, Twitter or Facebook once you accepted their terms and conditions you start seeing in recommendations people you already know or have in your contacts. Same thing happens with the adds that apear on your screen. These adds are based on an accumulation of on you and your search history. It doesn’t matter if you erased your history or your messages it is all saved under the platform you used. Things like this is why we should all protect each other from these big sites because what’s personal information should stay as personal information. This is why you should use its safe and efficient.

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